Siu Hong Residential Development

Siu Hong, Lam Tei, Tuen Mun

Masterplan Ltd has been involved in various planning aspects of this Site, which is located to the north east of Siu Hong MTR Station.

Planning permission was granted for a low-rise private residential development at the site in October 2014. As the permission has lapsed, a Section 16A application for an Extension of Time was submitted. However, the S16A application was rejected, reason being that the Government has committed to developing the Site as part of a public housing development. Since then, Masterplan has been advising on the ongoing Review and Appeal strategy. The Appeal is yet to be decided. 

In parallel, given the difficulties with the Extension of Time application and the timely approval of the Lam Tei & Yick Yuen OZP, Masterplan seized the opportunity and strategically advised on and submitted a fresh S16 Application for the same private residential development. Planning permission was successfully obtained in May 2020 and is valid until 2024.

With the knowledge of the Government’s plans for a public housing development, Masterplan has also advised and submitted a S12A rezoning application to up-zone the Site from “Residential (Group E)” to “Residential (Group A)” zone, to increase the permissible development intensity for a more comprehensive development. The Application was rejected but the decision-making process of the Rural and New Town Planning Committee (RNTPC) was considered prejudiced towards the Government’s public housing development. Masterplan has since been advising on the ongoing Judicial Review (JR) launched against the decision. The JR is scheduled to be heard in mid-2021.

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