Mount Parker Residences, Sai Wan Terrace, Quarry Bay

Masterplan was involved in the planning of the site which is currently occupied by Mount Parker Residences (the Site). A rezoning request was submitted to successfully increase the development density of the Site. Later the TPB imposed a BHR of 120mPD imposed on the Site shown on the Draft Quarry Bay OZP No. S/H21/25. An objection to the OZP in opposition to the BHR imposed.


The owner of the Site had earlier developed The Floridian located adjacent to the Site. Before the imposition of the 120mPD BHR on the Site, the owner had already designed a scheme for the Site at a building height of about 170mPD. It is the intention of the owner to build a taller and more slender building in order to reduce the blockage of views of residents of the lower floors of The Floridian. However, the public at that time was very resistant to tall buildings.  Some objectors even proposed to impose a BHR of 90mPD on the Site. It was also evident from the presentation of hearing that many members of the public, including some residents from The Floridian, wrongly associated taller buildings with higher density development and therefore raised strong objections to the more relaxed BHR the owner requested.


It is a pity that the better scheme of 170mPD could not be built and the site owner had to build a less desirable scheme which is the present Mount Parker Residences. This development is shorter, has a higher site coverage and blocks more views of The Floridian.


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