Land Application in relation to

  1. Proposed Extension to Section B and the Remaining Portion of Tsing Yi Lot No. 9 at Tsing Yi Hong Wan Road; and

  2. Proposed Extension to the Remaining Portion of Kwai Chung Lot No. 5 and the Extensions thereto



Kwai Tsing Port(KTP) was lacking in land for container storage which affects port efficiency. The land area to quay ratio of KTP was around 14ha for each 400m of quay, which was far below the current international standard ratio for optimal performance of 25 ha land for the same quay length.


Modern Terminal Limited (MTL) was to apply for two pieces of land in Kwai Chung and Tsing Yi area for container storage purposes so as to improve the port efficiency. However, the Landscape Clauses included in the Proposed Basic Terms and Draft Conditions imposed very stringent requirement of 20% of the site area for landscaping.


Masterplan was commissioned to prepare objection statements to the Landscape Clauses related to the above Land Applications.


It was considered that Landscape Clauses had ignored the location and constraints, such as highway structure buffer, drainage service, copeline of seawall, of the sites as well as the specific characteristics of the future container storage operation on the sites. In addition, the Landscape Clauses had not taken account of the purpose of landscape works and might put the landscape maintenance workers at a much higher risk than any other industrial setting. Furthermore, the Clauses had ignored the limited supply of land in the territory, and the very scarce amount allocated for port back-up uses.



Based on the objection statements, the Client had lengthy liaisons with the Government, the Landscape Clauses were later removed from Proposed Basic Terms and Draft Conditions.

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