45 Tai Tam Road

There was a long term multi staged strategy for 45 Tai Tam Road involving numerous section 16 applications and a s.17 Review application. The initial proposal was an application to increase the site coverage for a two house Scheme. Then the scheme was slightly modified and this required a relaxation in plot ratio. After that two house scheme was approved then a 7 house scheme was approved through a section 17 Review application for the same plot ratio and site coverage, for Seven, 3 storey houses over a 1 storey basement car park.  

The two house scheme could be built without any lease modification or land premium payment, General Building Plan Submissions were approved by Buildings Department. Once the 7 House scheme was approved the applicant began to negotiate the land premium.  

Eventually, a satisfactory land premium was agreed and the applicant proceeded with constructing the 7 House Scheme.

The 7 House Scheme that was approved, and has now been constructed.

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