Yau Tong CDA 

Proposed Comprehensive Residential Development at Yau Tong Inland Lot 44 and adjoining Government Land, Junction of Shung Shun Street and Yan Yue Wai, Yau Tong, Kowloon. 

The Application Site is covered by the Cha Kwo Ling, Yau Tong and Lei Yue Mun Outline Zoning Plan (OZP). It is at the “Comprehensive Development Area (5)” [“CDA(5)”] site of one of the five CDA sites located at the waterfront of the Yau Tong Industrial Area which is undergoing transformation to commercial and residential area.  The application was approved by the Town Planning Board on 11 August, 2017.


The architectural design of the proposed scheme aims at achieving a quality and sustainable living environment for the residents, reducing the building bulk at lower levels and providing an enjoyable pedestrian experience at the Public Waterfront Promenade.


The scale and bulk of the proposed development is compatible with the surrounding developments.  It complies with the planning restrictions on development intensity with plot ratio of 5.0, and building height.  The gradation of building height profile in the vicinity is respected.  The northern developments with BH restriction of 120mPD, descend to the proposed development’s North (Inland portion) of 100mPD, then the South (waterfront portion) of 80mPD to the harbourfront.

Artistic impression of Proposed Development by waterfront

Artistic Impression of Proposed Waterfront Promenade at Street Level

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