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Comment on Tung Chung New Town Extension Study

Representation to Draft Tung Chung Valley Development Permission Area Plan (DPA Plan) No. DPA/I-TCV/1

Representation to Draft Tung Chung Valley Outline Zoning Plan No. S/I-TCV/1

2013 - 2016

Forestside Limited had some land interests in Tung Chung West. Masterplan had been commissioned to make several submissions in relation to the Tung Chung New Town Extension Study (the Study), Draft Tung Chung Valley Development Permission Area Plan (DPA Plan) and OZP.

Representations to Draft Tung Chung Valley DPA Plan No. DPA/I-TCV/1


This representation objected to the illogical boundary of the DPA Plan as it did not include areas of existing development to its east which were not covered by statutory plans. It also objected to the content of the DPA Plan as the whole DPA Plan was covered by “Unspecified Use” area which ignored the existing villages and government, institution or community facilities in the area.

This representation pointed out the deficiencies of the TCE Study and reiterated the comments made on the study as the latter would be used as the basis for the formulation of the future OZP to replace the DPA Plan. The representation was not heard and the DPA Plan was soon replaced by OZP No. S/I-TCV/1.

Representation to Draft Tung Chung Valley OZP No. S/I-TCV/1


This representation proposed a minor change to rationalise OZP boundary to follow private lot boundary and to include the mangrove area so that the coastal land is under protection by appropriate planning controls. It also proposed to adopt the TOD planning concept by slightly increasing the development land area within 500m from the future railway station. 

Representation Site A and Site B are both within 500m from the future railway station. Adopting the TOD concept, these sites should be identified for development. For Site A, the representation proposed to enlarge the G/IC sites at Sha Tsui Tau. This would help create a community focal point for the Tung Chung Valley community.  The new G/IC site was proposed with two Non-building areas to preserve the view of Hau Wong Temple and better protect the mangrove area. A consistent approach of including “Flat” as a Column 2 use of the G/IC zones as in the other two Tung Chung OZPs should be adopted. This would provide more land use flexibility, but the ultimate control is still with the TPB.

The government study proposed a stormwater attenuation and treatment pond at Site B. The representation proposed to free the land for residential development. This is in line with government policy to increase land supply for housing. Putting the pond underneath an open space site which lies adjacent to the River Park is considered feasible. This is a sensible way to optimise the use of valuable land.

Huge investment in infrastructure is needed for the engineering works for the development of Tung Chung Valley. While the preservation of heritage and conservation of the natural environment are respected, it is considered that a reasonable level of development should be pursued.

TPB did not uphold any of the representations they received in relation to the OZP.

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