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Masterplan Limited is a well-established planning and development consultancy based in Hong Kong.  The company has a team of dedicated and experienced professional town planners all value sustainable development and provide high-quality works for clients, fostering a close and long-term relationship.



Complex Planning Projects

Many related to development above railway stations. However, there has also been considerable involvement in Urban Renewal Projects, urban revitalization and harbourfront development proposals.  Masterplan provides continuous development and planning support to many Hong Kong’s largest developers and other organisations.

Expert Witness

Expert Witness services are provided to a wide range of clients in relation to private litigation, judicial reviews and appeals to the Town Planning Board. Masterplan also advises the Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong in relation to the changes to the Town Planning Ordinance.

Community Projects

Masterplan has worked with Non-Government Organizations and community groups regarding heritage conservation, alternative waterfront proposals, urban regeneration and protection of general community concerns affected by planning and development proposals. Masterplan provides guidance and advocacy services for such groups.


Masterplan Limited was established by Ian Brownlee, in 1992, as a planning consultancy dealing with the implementation of a variety of complex private and community development projects.  Ian is a professional town planner who has accumulated a wealth of experience in the development industry. He is originally from New Zealand but moved to Hong Kong in the 1970s. He worked for the Hong Kong Government for 16 years. He has experience in railway development projects, urban renewal projects, ecological conservation and heritage conservation projects, many involving community groups and NGO's. He has a special interest in sustainable development and on housing issues and has written commentaries on these subjects.



Our projects cover an interesting range of subjects and locations.  They include heritage conservation in conjunction with development, harbour preservation, single houses in remote locations, complex countryside conservation projects, high rise and high quality residential developments, complex comprehensive developments above railway stations which include the tallest buildings in Hong Kong, and community projects providing social services and opportunities for sports and recreation. Some of the appeal and court cases are now important references for planning law in Hong Kong.

Comprehensive Development
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Community Projects
Countryside Conservation
Studies and Submissions
Appeals and Court Cases
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