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About Us

Masterplan Limited is a well-established town planning and development consultancy founded by Ian Brownlee in 1992. Located in Hong Kong, the firm is dedicated to providing professional services dealing with the implementation of various complex private and community development projects surrounding residential, commercial, heritage and countryside conservation, industrial, harbour, and comprehensive developments.
Masterplan is also experienced in conducting studies and submissions on consultations regarding the planning process and developments; we provide Expert Witness Services from private litigation, Judicial Reviews and appeals, and; lastly, submitting representations for developers, professional bodies, non-government organizations and public concern groups in various amendments of statutory outline zoning plans.

The founder of Masterplan Limited,
Ian Brownlee,

is a professional town planner who has accumulated a wealth of experience in the development industry. Originally from New Zealand but had moved to Hong Kong in the 1970s and had worked for the Hong Kong Government for 16 years.
He has experience in railway development projects, urban renewal projects, ecological conservation and heritage conservation projects, many of which involving community groups and non-governmental organisations. He has a special interest in sustainable development and on housing issues and has written commentaries on these subjects.

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Our Team
kira photo3.jpg

Kira Whitman


heather photoshopped.jpg

Heather Yuen

Town Planner


Benson Poon


Michelle's PhotoV.jpg

Michelle Li

Assistant Town Planner


Chin Chin Lam

Town Planner


Valerie Pang

Assistant Town Planner

Quality Assurance

Masterplan Limited is certified to operate under quality management standards of

ISO 9001:2015.

This ensures that our company’s services consistently meet our client’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.

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