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46-56 Queen’s Road East, 2-12 Anton Street and 1-11 Landale Street

Office Development in a “Residential (Group A)” zone at 46-56 Queen’s Road East, 2-12 Anton Street and 1-11 Landale Street, Wan Chai.

Masterplan Limited has been working with Swire Properties Limited for a long period of time, in extending the commercial node at the Admiralty core towards Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai.​ In 2016, Swire had acquired the majority of the ownership of the properties around Queen’s Road East, Anton Street and Landale Street, Wan Chai. Swire then applied to Lands Tribunal to acquire the minority ownerships under the Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance.

Lands Tribunal’s determination of a reasonable and fair valuation of the properties is to be supported by justifications. Swire commissioned Masterplan to submit a Witness Statement on the existing development and the redevelopment potential based on the planning framework and the prevailing Government policies in place.

Upon the successful acquisition of the sites in 2017, Masterplan obtained Section 16 planning application approval for office development at the site, which is a Column 2 use in the “Residential (Group A)” zone.


The approved development scheme has 20,338 square meters GFA. There are 22 floors of offices, 2 special floors for office/ educational institution/ exhibition hall/ convention hall/ place of entertainment/ place of recreation, sports or culture, and a podium garden and retail spaces.

  1. Provided traffic solution, including suitable carparking at the small site.

  2. Achieved air ventilation, visual and Sustainable Building Design Guidelines requirements.

  3. Included building setback for improvements to the surrounding pedestrian environment on the three streets.

  4. Connected to No.28 Hennessy Road, which Swire developed in 2012, forming an integral development at the street block.

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