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Bishop Hill Representation 

Masterplan was commissioned to represent the Government Hill Concern Group, to urge for a reconsideration of the draft building height restriction (BHR) of 135mPD on the Draft Central District OZP (No.S/H4/17) which enables Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui’s redevelopment proposal (No. Y/H4/12).

Successful Outcome:

Members decided to reject the BHR of 135mPD, and accept Masterplan's suggestive alternative proposal to impose an 80m height restriction and other controls on the development.

The proposed redevelopment project and the 135mPD BHR for the Central District Outline Zoning Plan (OZP) will cause irreversible negative impact to its urban context with deep heritage values. It will not only dwarf the historical graded buildings at HKSHK Compound and Old Dairy Farm building, it will also dominate the Government House which is a declared monument, and the Church Guest House. Compliance with the 135mPD BHR devastates the character and massing of the buildings on the site and in the surrounding areas, and causes significant adverse visual impact on the townscape of the area.

High-rise Development in G/IC Contrary to Usual Planning Approach, does not comply with OZP Explanatory Statement (ES) para 7.5.6 where it stated that any new development and/or redevelopment will be compatible in urban design term, with historic buildings within the site and surrounding areas.


In Masterplan’s Representation, two alternative proposals which respects the surrounding urban context, heritage buildings, and urban design were proposed. 

The representation Masterplan concluded that:

  1. 80mPD BHR, with site coverage and separation restrictions, is appropriate.

  2. Allows about 20 metres flexibility in redevelopment potential.

  3. Not affect property rights.

  4. No need to rush a decision - HKSKH’s redevelopment proposal not ready to proceed

  5. Consider seriously the public submissions and the District Councils comments

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