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CPS, Government Hill and Bishop Hill

Heritage Conservation of Central Police Station, Government Hill and Bishop Hill for Central Concern Group and Government Hill Concern Group

Masterplan Limited was engaged by Central Concern Group and Government Hill Concern Group to make necessary planning responses, with the objective to protect the heritage around Central, on various occasions on pro bono basis. These include:

  1. Central Police Station (2006 and 2009) - The Government decided to sell the site with inadequate planning controls where many uses were Column 1 always permissible uses, and subsequently Hong Kong Jockey Club proposed an out-of-context building height and architectural design at the site.

  2. Government Hill, namely the West Wing of the Central Government Offices (2011) - The Government planned to sell the site for office development.

  3. Bishop Hill (2017) - The Anglican Church planned to construct a 23 storey buildings in place of the former 7 storeys Central Hospital and the surrounding greenery.

Masterplan Limited applied planning instruments and devised submission strategies, namely requests to amend the Outline Zoning Plans pursuant to Section 12A of the Town Planning Ordinance. The requests to the Town Planning Board included: rezoning to heritage precinct and imposing building height controls. Masterplan Limited processed the applications through the planning process and presented the cases to the Town Planning Board.

While Town Planning Board did not accept the applicant’s requests to amend the Outline Zoning Plans, the Government subsequently changed the approach and the Town Planning Board implemented the essence of the Concern Group’s requests.

  1. Central Police Station – The Government did not sell the site and involved the HK Jockey Club. The Town Planning Board subsequently imposed building height restrictions more stringent than that of the applicant’s request. The revitalized Central Police Station (Tai Kwun) was opened to public in May 2018.

  2. Government Hill – The Government withdrew the sale and office plan, and preserved the building by re-using the West Wing for law related and arbitration organisations. Renovation works remain in progress.

  3. Bishop Hill – Town Planning Board has requested Planning Department to consider suitable amendment to the Outline Zoning Plan to ensure that the urban design aspect of any redevelopment proposal on Bishop Hill would be subject to its scrutiny. Planning Department’s study in response is in progress.

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