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Clearwater Bay

Sites at Clear Water Bay Road and University Road, around Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Staff Quarters

Masterplan Limited was commissioned when a Judicial Review was lodged against Town Planning Board’s decision not to uphold the objections contained in a Representation in the making of the Draft Clear Water Bay North Outline Zoning Plan in 2007.


Masterplan Limited gave planning advice for the Judicial Review (Smart Gain Investment Ltd v Town Planning Board). The High Court found Town Planning Board’s decision was flawed and directed the objections to be reconsidered by the Board.

The Board’s reconsideration of the objections upheld the proposal in the Representation and rezoned the site to G/IC. Accordingly, Masterplan Limited made Section 16 Applications for a hospital and a hospital staff quarter at the respective sites in 2011 and 2012.

Masterplan Limited continued to assist the client in realizing the approved development scheme at the two sites.​​


  1. The High Court’s judgement and its finding has become one of the more frequently cited references in town planning judgments.

  2. The G/IC zones will provide suitable facilities and services for the community.

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