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King Yin Lei

Adaptive Re-use for Heritage Monument Site

Stubbs Road, Hong Kong Island

Masterplan was involved throughout the process of conserving King Yin Lei as a declared monument which would allow adaptive re-use, whilst aiding the owner to obtain compensation for the preservation of this historic building. 

In preparing a S12A rezoning submission which led to the adoption of the current “OU” zoning, Masterplan assessed many options, including the principles proposed by the Conservancy Association. It was concluded that the best option was to have new residential development completely outside of the King Yin Lei site, in order to maintain the integrity of the monument. With the support of technical assessments indicating its feasibility, the S12A submission successfully led to the rezoning of the site to the current “OU” zoning, and the adjacent site to “Residential (Group C)”. The S12A submission also led to the handover of King Yin Lei to the Government to own when restored and enabled the adaptive re-use of the monument.

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