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How Ming Street - Industrial to Office Development

The applicant seeks planning permission for minor relaxation of PR restriction from 12 to 14.4  to facilitate the redevelopment of the existing 6-storey industrial building (IB) constructed before 1987into a 35-storey office development (including four levels of basement carparks) comprising ‘Office’ use (the Proposed Scheme) which is a use always permitted under Schedule I for non-IBs of the Notes for “OU(B)” zone.

The proposed minor relaxation of PR restriction by 20% is in-line with the Chief Executive’s 2018 Policy Address (PA 2018) to incentivise redevelopment of pre-1987 IBs by allowing the relaxation of maximum permissible non-domestic PR by up to 20% for sites located outside “Residential” (“R”) zones.

Masterplan provided professional planning services to Crystal the Applicant, making sure the proposed design complies with various requirements and guidelines. These include the Sustainability Building Design Guidelines (SBDG) and the Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines.

The Proposed Scheme incorporated podium garden at 3/F, refuge floor cum sky garden at 14/F and vertical greening at G/F, with an overall greenery of about 20% of the site area, and weather protection canopies along How Ming Street and Chong Yip Street at 1/F of the proposed building.

The Applicant has proposed to provide roadside tree plantings and seating at the setback area to enhance pedestrian environment, however, such proposal has been unwillingly abandoned taken into account of departmental comments for providing an unobstructed footpath along How Ming Street and Chong Yip Street.

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