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Excelsior Hotel Redevelopment

Masterplan was commissioned to provide professional planning services to review Town Planning Board’s (TPB) decision under section 17 of the Town Planning Ordinance as the Applicant believes the reason for rejection was inadequate.

The Applicant would like to develop their entire Lot to improve the development, where the rejected Application A/H6/89 intended to extend the development to the north, within the Lot owned by the applicant, but which was within the “Road” zone. 

In the submission, Masterplan along with supporting information provided from traffic consultants demonstrated that the proposed development will not result in adverse traffic impacts on the surrounding are. Other public planning benefits are also demonstrated. They relate to the provision of improved traffic arrangements, providing a 1.5m building set-back for better air and light ventilation, and possibility to create a vibrant landscaped pedestrian street with shops or restaurants opening onto the street, where there is currently either poor quality urban design or the area is totally inaccessible to pedestrians.

After TPB’s consideration, the Board decided to approve the application on review with conditions.

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