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Fanling Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete Batching Plant at On Tsuen Industrial Area, Fanling

Masterplan Limited assisted Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited in obtaining development permission to use the existing warehouse building at the site for concrete batching plant. While the site is at an Industrial Area, concrete batching plant is a column 2 use requiring application to the Town Planning Board demonstrating the technical feasibility of the use.

A Section 16 application was submitted and was rejected. A Section 17 Review of that decision was requested, and following the presentation of arguments at the hearing against the reasons for rejection, the development was approved in 2015.

Fanling Concrete Batching Plant.jpg

Since then, an amendment application to rectify technical buildings issues was approved in 2016. Masterplan Limited also assisted in the discharge of planning approval conditions, and advised on planning implications for alternative design schemes.   


  1. The concrete batching plant has 12,055 square meters GFA, with 3 production lines and a total capacity of 180m3/ h ready-mixed concrete.

  2. The proposed concrete production will help meet the large demand at Kwu Tung North and Fanling North New Development Areas in the same region, reducing travel distances and hence reducing traffic and air emissions. 

  3. The development scheme is for a permanent concrete batching plant, which are few in Hong Kong.

  4. The conversion of an existing building is an efficient use of the structure, reducing construction waste and energy.

  5. The proposal will refurbish the building façade, renew and upgrade the streetscape.

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