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Former China Motor Bus Depot CDA

Chai Wan Road, Hong Kong Island

Comprehensive Development at the Former China Motor Bus Depot and the adjacent Government land at Chai Wan Road, Hong Kong.

Masterplan Limited has been working with China Motor Bus Company for over 10 years, and now together with its joint venture partner Swire Properties Limited, in the redevelopment of the former bus depot and the adjacent Government land at Chai Wan. The redevelopment is mainly for residential flats, and also a public open space and a public transport terminal.

Former China Motor Bus Depot.jpg

In 2000 rezoning of the bus depot and the adjacent Government land to “Comprehensive Development Area” was obtained. Subsequently a redevelopment scheme was approved through a Section 16 application. However, the land exchange to permit the development was not completed in time and the planning approval lapsed.


In 2008 a revised development proposal was submitted but was rejected by the Town Planning Board, and eventually an appeal lodged with the Town Planning Appeal Board. The appeal hearing was deferred pending the Town Planning Board’s consideration of an alternative development scheme.


The approved development scheme has 64,500 sq.m GFA with 780 units in 3 residential towers above a landscaped podium.  It has:


  1. Responded to the site constraints, including road traffic and industrial noise and air emissions, and the potential risk of the nearby LPG station.

  2. Achieved air ventilation, visual and Sustainable Building Design Guidelines requirements.

  3. Provided a traffic solution, including a temporary bus terminus.

  4. Maximised the landscaping opportunity, with a public open space and a building setback for improvements to the surrounding pedestrian environment.


In 2012 an alternative development scheme was submitted under Section 16 and was also rejected. A Section 17 Review of that decision was requested, and following the presentation of arguments at the hearing against the reasons for rejection, the development was approved in 2013.


Since then, Masterplan Limited has been assisting in the discharge of planning approval conditions, and the submissions to Government on lands and buildings matters.

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