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Research on applications to the Town Planning Board, for Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors

Hung Shui Kiu, New Territories

Submissions made to the Study and Representations to the OZP 2010 - 2017

The HKSAR Government 2015 Policy Address advocated measures to increase and to expedite land supply as, “...the fundamental solution to resolve the land and housing problems of Hong Kong”.

Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors in response commissioned Masterplan Limited to undertake a comprehensive review of the town planning application system in Hong Kong with a view to exploring possible means towards increasing and expediting land supply. 

Masterplan Limited utilised the information made available by Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, who has collated and tabulated the planning applications lodged and processed over the years of 2013 to 2015.

Masterplan prepared the study, containing preliminary analyses of planning applications and detailed reviews of selected case studies, in relation to the following:

  1. Town Planning Board Secretariat procedure in acceptance of application.

  2. Deferment of Town Planning Board’s consideration of application.

  3. Town Planning Board’s consideration of Section 12A and Section 16 applications made by the Government and private sector.

  4. “Comprehensive Development Area” zones, including their planning applications and their designation of zoning.


The Study recommends possible improvements to the existing planning application system, towards the aim of increasing and expediting land supply. These include:

For General Application:  

  1. To promulgate a specific Guidance Note for application submission requirements.

  2. To publish practice notes on pre-lodgment meeting, deadline in technical Government departmental circulation and comments on application, and Planning Department independent review of technical departments’ comments and requests.

  3. To maintain consistency of assessment in Government and private sector applications.

For CDA development:

  1. To sub-divide “Comprehensive Development Area” with due regard to the ownership pattern.

  2. To enable co-development with public sector initiatives.

  3. To facilitate infrastructure provision by the Government.


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