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Hotel at Ha Heung Road

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island

This was one of the successful hotel applications that we completed for a developer in 2012.  The site we worked on was about 700 sq.m., situated within the Draft Ma Tau Kok OZP, at 8-12A Ha Heung Road, and in a high-density residential land use zoning.  The planning restriction applied there was a building height of not more than 120mPD and a plot ratio of 9.

The proposed scheme was for a 21-storey hotel development, with 344 guestrooms that made use of the maximum plot ratio of 9, and with a building height of 87mPD (much lower than height restriction of 120mPD).   The proposed hotel use was suitable for the district where the urban environment was dilapidated and undergoing urban regeneration. In addition, the commissioning of the Ma Tau Kok MTR station in the near future, and the gradual development of Kai Tak nearby would bring many tourists to this area, so this neighborhood is an ideal location for commercial and hotel developments.

At the time of application, the existing site was occupied by a 9-storey tenement building, which is entirely vacant and unused.  The hotel scheme would make use of the vacant site and improve the local streetscape with new landscaping features, and a podium garden that would bring visual improvements.  It would contribute to the local businesses by bringing more tourists to the area and providing jobs in the hotel. With the help of a traffic consultant, we also included in the scheme the necessary transport provisions that would comply with government requirements and showed that no negative impact would occur on the surrounding roads.   

This was a successful case in that the hotel scheme helped meet the financial targets of our Client, provided planning merits to the local community, and fell in line with the objectives of the Government’s plans for developing this area.  The scheme was well-received and approved by the Town Planning Board on 19 October, 2012.

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