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Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon

Masterplan Limited assisted New World Development Company Limited regarding the visual corridor requirement aligning with Chatham Road South under the Outline Zoning Plan’s Explanatory Statement, for the remodeling works of the former New World Centre which was taking place at the site at the time. To address the visual corridor requirement of the Outline Zoning Plan’s Explanatory Statement and the Sustainable Building Design Guidelines, a series of design schemes were prepared.

Masterplan Limited advised the submission strategy, entered discussions, and made the final submission recording the discussions taken place and the understanding reached with Planning Department. The submission concluded the planning process. It formed the basis for subsequent submissions to the Buildings Authority and Lands Department in the implementation of the remodeling works.

The visual corridor is contextually responsive and enhances the overall architectural design, balancing the physical and visual links and building permeability in a holistic approach.

The visual corridor above the Podium

  1. The void has maximized the dimensions and area, making it visually prominent from Chatham Road South and the Harbour.  

  2. There is a bridge for continuous circulation through the building for operational purposes.

  3. The podium is significantly lower than the maximum permissible height. Its variations and the terracing configuration in the façade treatment visually scale down the podium massing.

The ground floor Gateway

  1. The Gateway allows direct unimpeded street level view to the Harbour from Chatham Road South and Salisbury Road.

  2. The architectural design welcomes both the approaching pedestrian and vehicular traffic at Chatham Road South/ Salisbury Road junction, providing both physical and visual connection, and enhancing pedestrian experience in terms of orientation, way finding and traffic safety.

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