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Redevelopment of Kowloon International Baptist Church (KIBC)

Kowloon Tong, Kowloon

Kowloon International Baptist Church (KIBC, or the Site) was located at 300 Junction Road, Kowloon (the Application Site). The Church building was built in 1968. At the time when Church premises was built, the number of attendees was about 120.  In 2011, the average number had increased to 580. The building also accommodated a kindergarten. The Site was zoned Government, Institution or Community (2) (“G/IC(2)”) on the Approved Kowloon Tong Outline Zoning Plan S/K18/16.  It was under a planning control of Building Height Restriction (BHR) of 3 storeys or the existing building height, whichever was the greater.

Church members/attendees and kindergarten children were from a wide diversity of nationalities and ethnic groups. Their multi-nationality and diverse ethnical background had also lead to a variety of needs and interests which in turn reflect on the keen demand for church services.

The Church facilities were old and deteriorating, many of which were in fact near the end of their economical life. The Church was in urgent need of redevelopment and expansion for facilities improvement and to cater for the needs of the church attendees. 

The Site is very small. It has a wide frontage, but with a depth of only 17m. Expansion of the Church premises requires a taller building.  Masterplan was commissioned to assist the submission of a Section 12A Planning Application to facilitate the redevelopment of the church.

The planning application requested for rezoning the Application Site from G/IC(2) to G/IC(6) so that the BHR of 3 storeys was relaxed to 8 storeys to allow for redevelopment of the Church.  A conceptual development scheme had been included which had similar development parameters to another church site zoned G/IC(10) within the same Planning Area.  That site permits 8 storeys building as of right, which is the same as that is requested under the application.

The configuration of the Site restrained movement of vehicles and therefore the provision of car parking and L/UL facilities. Kindergarten redevelopment was also a traffic concern in the Kowloon Tong area. Other issues from government department included requests for justifications for the uses of the space of the new Church cum Kindergarten.

With the concerted efforts from the Client and Project Team, the relaxation request was approved.

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