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Queensway Plaza

Representation related to "C(4)" zone on the Central District OZP No. S/H4/15
(Queensway Plaza Site)

The Queensway Plaza site (the Site) occupies a central location of the Admiralty Area and adjacent to Admiralty Station which will be a major transport node served by four railway lines. A new “C(4)” zone was proposed by the TPB for the Queensway Plaza to facilitate its redevelopment. The central and prime location of the Site offers opportunities and constraints to its redevelopment.

A representation was made in relation to the “C(4)” zone on the Central District OZP No. S/H4/15.  The representation intended to provide planning inputs to contribute to the good planning and design of the Queensway Plaza redevelopment which would benefit the Admiralty area as a whole.

The representation generally supported the proposed redevelopment of the site along the lines of the new restrictions for the “C(4)” zone on the OZP, but had concerns over the components of the development meeting the objective of becoming an important focal point, and concerns over the control and implementation processes.

As expressed by the Central and Western District Council there are inadequate affordable Food and Beverage outlets in the Admiralty area, redevelopment of the Queensway Plaza offers opportunities to address the situation.

The representation investigated the planning and design parameters for the redevelopment of the Queensway Plaza site. It was considered that:

  • pedestrian connections of similar level of connectivity should be maintained during the construction period. However, flexibility should be allowed for the implementation plan;

  • the good transport network serving the Site making provision of internal transport facilities as per the HKPSG standard unnecessary. The constrained site also makes such standard not achievable and therefore should be reviewed;

  • a minimum retail floor area of 20,000sqm is needed to help alleviate the existing inadequate Food and Beverage/ Retail floor space within the Admiralty area. 

The representation also expressed views in related to interface with MTR, enhancement of the vehicular traffic arrangement, better design of atrium and site coverage calculation.

The representation aimed to facilitate the timely implementation of the redevelopment and to reduce the nuisance caused to the public during the demolition and construction period.  It proposed that some controls and requirements be stated in the Explanatory Statement of the OZP as well as the Planning and Design Brief, or in Lease.  Timely implementation of the redevelopment would reduce both the redevelopment costs and social costs.

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