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G/IC site at Sai Kung for the Resurrection Church

The Resurrection Church currently hires a premises for its congregation, and has a vision to relocate to a permanent premises to continue its religious activities with ancillary social services for the local community at Sai Kung.

The Resurrection Church commissioned Masterplan Limited for planning advice in its site search, and making applications for Private Treaty Grant with Lands Department.

Masterplan Limited advised planning implications on the sites around Sai Kung which had been identified by the Church for potential relocation, and applied Private Treaty Grant with the Lands Department and sought Home Affairs Bureau’s support for use of site where appropriate. With its vast experience working with churches and non government organisations, Masterplan Limited was able to comment on the use specifications and operational management etc.

There was a general lack of G/IC zoned sites suitable for church use in Sai Kung. Masterplan Limited identified the opportunity to raise the issue with the Town Planning Board, in its making of the Draft Sai Kung Outline Zoning Plan which rezoned G/IC sites for residential flats. Masterplan Limited made a Representation, elaborating the issue in the presentation to the Town Planning Board members.


While Town Planning Board pursued and rezoned the G/IC sites for residential flats, consequently the Planning Department has identified a site for the Resurrection Church use.  

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