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Shek Wu Wai CDA

Yuen Long, New Territories

CDA Development in DD 105, Shek Wu Wai, s.16A Application.

The Site is located in a very remote rural area in Shek Wu Wai.  It was covered with dense vegetation and had over 700 trees. It occupied part of a CDA site which is very irregular in shape. Development constraints include the location is in the vicinity of burial ground, and the development on the site needs to be setback from the Northern Link Railway Reserve. The planning history of the site is long. The site has got a number of approvals for residential and recreational facilities. The last approval (A/YL-NTM/178) for low density residential development of 322 nos. of 3-storey houses was granted with conditions in 2006.

As there were a number of graves in the vicinity of the Site, the owner on one hand tried to liaise with the owners of the graves for the possibilities of relocating the nearby graves. On the other hand, the owner also needed to discharge a number of approval conditions as well as handling the land exchange matter. The approval conditions included but not limited to, provision of footpath access to these graves/ burial ground. The process of discharging approval conditions was lengthy and the applicant had applied and been granted an extension of time for the approved application.

In the process of GBP submission, Fire Services Department (FSD) informed the owner that EVA provision should comply with the Code of Practice for Fire Safety in Building 2011 and APP-136 – Building (Planning) Regulation 41D Emergency Vehicular Access (EVA).

The new MLP also needed to satisfy the Sustainable Building Design Guidelines (SBDG) which was introduced in 2011, after the approval of the Approved MLP as well as to incorporate the change of development parameters due to the land exchange process.

The above necessitated minor changes made to the Approved scheme. The new scheme required submission of S16A application in 2014. The new scheme proposed 300 nos. of 3-storey houses. It addressed the EVA and SBDG issues.  The application argued that the there was no need to redo the sewerage impact assessment as the reduction in number of houses would mean reduction in sewage flow.

Another challenge was related to trees. As the previous tree survey was done in 2005, there were changes happened in the past 9 years. Some trees had become dead and there were some newly identified trees found in the Site.

With the concerted effort of the Project Team, the S16A application was also approved with conditions.

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